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With every project we take on, the first thing we do is listen. We want to hear your goals and vision for your video. We then put our knowledge, creativity and expertise to work to help you accomplish those goals.

Step One


Video production is a collaborative effort and it starts with you. We’ll work with you and listen to what you want out of a video to provide the best possible content that is engaging and gives you results.

Step Two

Script & Storyboards

Without a script, there is no video. Every aspect of the final video you want stems in some way from the script. We’ll work with you in writing the story that you want told.

We’ll then draw up storyboards to help you better see the video from script form. Having storyboards to show shot types, camera movements, angles and lighting helps give the script life.

Step Three


Making sure your final video is the best it can be means planning, planning and more planning. We will work with you in planning out the entire production process with a pre-production packet including script, storyboards, schedule, acting talent, production crew members and timelines.

Step Four

Principal Photography

Principal photography is just another name for filming. We’ll have an whole shoot schedule planned out and a production packet based from our pre-production packet that outlines what to expect the day we start recording. Our production team includes sound recording artists, camera operators, directors of photography, production assistants and many, many more roles, all equally important.

We will use the best video production equipment for your project, whether that’s cinema-grade cameras and lenses or smaller handheld cameras. We have access to whatever equipment we need to create your perfect video.

Step Five

Editing & Graphics

Our editing suite is set up to take on any project size. We will create a few first drafts and then work with you either with us in our studio or remotely in fine-tuning the video to get a final cut. During this process, both the color and the audio might not be perfect yet. Here, we’re just getting the shots in line and the style and look of your video the way you want it.
During this time, we will also begin working on any graphic effects your video may require including logo animations, titles, transitions, any graphics that will make your video stand out.

Step Six

Color & Audio

Once we have the final cut of your video, we’ll then work on color-correcting, color-grading and audio mixing. Color-grading allows us to give your video even more depth and provide a better look by bringing out brighter brights and darker shades. We will adjust colors to elicit different emotions in your audience as they watch without them ever being aware of it.
We’ll then complete the audio mixing with any voice over, sound effects and music included within your video to give it the best sound possible regardless of where people watch.

Step Seven

Finale Deliverable

After all of the planning, filming, editing and mixing is complete, we have your video. We’ll create the final version you need to share with the world in any format required.


We film with multiple, 4k cinema cameras and use professional, cinema-grade lenses and lighting for quality footage. Our editing and color-grading suite includes Adobe Premiere, After Effects & DaVinci Resolve.