Why Real Estate Listings Need Video

By September 18, 2015October 19th, 2017Chicago Video Services, Real Estate Video

If you’re a realtor or selling your own home, you’ve probably already listed your property online. As of 2014, 92% of homebuyers were looking for homes online, researching for an average of three weeks before calling an agent. And while they’re looking, they want visuals – lots of visuals.

Photos are great, but video has a lot more impact – providing a better perspective and understanding of the space. One real estate group experimented by adding videos to only some of their listings, and the results were astounding. The real estate listings with videos received 403% more inquiries than those without. That’s more than four times the number of leads generated by listings with photos only. How’s that for serious impact?

So, who’s looking at video content?

Everyone. Seriously. Consumers prefer video over any other type of online content – even among business executives (commercial listing prospects) 59% would rather watch video than read descriptive data.

Video content significantly increases search engine hits, social media engagement, and newsletter click-through rates, giving your overall marketing efforts a huge boost.

Home Owners Want Video Too

As if those statistics aren’t convicting enough, 73% of homeowners prefer listing their home with an agent who uses video, but few agents actually offer it. Providing real estate video services gives you a considerable edge over your competitors – increasing leads, getting your name out there faster and farther, and adding solid value for your buyers and sellers.

Seattle and Chicago Real Estate Video Services

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