By now, you know the power of video marketing—but if you didn’t go to school for cinematography and editing, the idea of actually making a video can sound downright frightening. Regardless, if you work for a company of more than two people, it’s likely that at some point, in some meeting, someone has said those five words:

“We should make a video.”

You probably know they’re right, because video has been proven time and time again to be the most effective marketing and storytelling medium out there, but you need more than “let’s do a video” to make it successful. First, you need to know WHY you’re making it, and you’ll need an experienced video production team to make sure it’s done right so you don’t end up with a well-intentioned video that your target viewers just skip right over.

Here are three very important things you’ll need to think about before making a business video:


1.) An Audience in Mind


Often while planning a video, marketing teams will get all the way through the process without asking one crucial question: Who’s going to be watching this?

Before you even begin to brainstorm or write your video script, consider who you want to see this video. Is it a Kickstarter video that will compel people to give? Is it to re-engage customers who may have fallen off the map? Or is it for a completely new audience who might be seeing you for the first time in, say, a sponsored Facebook video post?

Depending on your ideal viewer (and the message you’re trying to get across), the look and content of your video can change dramatically. Make sure you get this one nailed down first.


2.) A Distribution Plan


If a video plays on the internet but there’s no one around to watch it, does it make a sound? More importantly, does it help your company get the attention it deserves? After deciding who your video is for, you need to consider where they’ll watch it. Even the most incredible video content won’t get pickup if it’s not distributed in the right way.

There are seemingly endless distribution options – Facebook, Instagram, your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. A video you’d create for your website won’t work for Instagram, and the target demographics are different for every platform. Video content should always be created with its distribution plan in mind.


3.) A Great, Hard-Working Story That Truly Represents Your Brand


You know your product or service is cool and useful—the trouble is, you need to figure out the best possible way to convey that to your potential customers. This can be especially difficult if your brand is relatively new, because you’re also tasked with introducing them to you and what you do.

A truly great story can do all of that work in a relatively small amount of time, assuming you’re able to identify which questions you need to answer, and make sure your brand’s identity is reflected throughout. Also, and these are probably the most important things to remember, not all videos should be funny, and you should aim to show rather than just tell your story.

Making a marketing video can seem daunting, but in the right hands—with the right expertise—it can be a fun, creative way to boost your business.

Need help making a business video that’s on brand and on target?

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