Oftentimes when we initially meet with clients about video projects, portraying our vision for what their commercial video will look like is a little challenging. That’s especially true if they’re new to video production. Creating proof of concept videos has worked wonders for helping narrative films get funded and off the ground, and they work just as well for commercial video production.

Show Not Tell

The main reason for creating a proof of concept video is to bring your idea to life in a way that’s easier for others to understand and see. Storyboards, outlines, and blocking sheets are great, but they’re usually lost on people who aren’t familiar with the video production process. It also helps you in translating video production speech — such as the difference between visual effects and graphic effects. By showing a proof of concept video, you can also get a better idea of costs so when the client inevitably asks, “So how much would something like this video be?” you’re a step ahead.

Proof of Ability

In the case of this particular video, we were lucky enough to have prior experience with the client – so the purpose of this proof of concept was actually just to demonstrate that we could create a video in the style that they were looking for, and to show our range of abilities in creative concepts and art direction. For the project, we invented a fake startup called BorrowUp – an app that lets you share and borrow items from friends, neighbors, and co-workers. In the video, we showcased a sampling of graphic effects and cinematography style the client was leaning towards.

Although this might not always be the most favorable method of showing clients your ideas and capabilities, especially since any related expenses will be coming out of your own pocket, the benefits of having a proof of concept video available quickly make up for out-of-pocket costs. We’ve had much more success from creating proof of concept videos instead of just sticking with storyboards and verbal pitches.

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