Over 85 years after “talkies” took the place of silent film, soundless video production is making a strong comeback… on social media. According to a recent Adweek report, silence is truly golden when it comes to video ads – 80% of surveyed internet users prefer silent ads, and Facebook is the most popular place for watching them. 70% of respondents also said they’re not willing to spend more than 10 seconds watching video ads.

What Does that Mean for Business Video Production?

Since online video consumption has far surpassed any other type of media consumption, as a business you simply can’t ignore those results, nor just give up video production altogether. The trend is forcing businesses to seriously rethink their video marketing strategy.  Lengthy scripts, talking heads and non-engaging visuals are a thing of the past.

The keys to producing videos that get views:

  • Keep your message simple and focused
  • Get your core message across in the first 10 seconds and give viewers a reason to keep watching
  • Don’t try to hard-sell, tell a story instead – appeal to your audience’s emotions and curiosity
  • Skip the video voiceover, especially if you’re posting it on social media
  • Take risks and be creative – people watch online videos to take a break from the ordinary in their day
  • Add on-screen text and graphics to make your content pop
  • Don’t forget SEO – always add a keyword-relevant title and description when posting a video online

Hire a Video Production Company that knows Marketing Strategy

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