Renowned screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, is lending his knowledge on how to craft a compelling script. We know a strong script is absolutely essential to video production, and we’ve enrolled in this masterclass to help us in our upcoming narrative films.

Aaron Sorkin has written scripts from “A Few Good Men” to some of our more recent favorites like “The Social Network” and “Steve Jobs.” Past MasterClass instructors include Dustin Hoffman, Werner Herzog, Kevin Spacey and many more. We felt taking this MasterClass in screenwriting would be the most important to us. We always have kept story at the forefront of all of our work.

We’re incredibly excited to start the course. We’ll be sharing our own progress with you through our upcoming films. Right now, we’re working on a short film that takes place in the Vichy region of France. It’s set during the occupation, in the early forties, and we’re eager to begin production. We’ve got our eyes on the perfect studio space for this type of video production.

Here’s a quick spot of the upcoming MasterClass:

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