A new addition to Samyang/Rokinon’s XEEN prime lens line-up was announced earlier this month — a 135mm XEEN T2.2. For most of our video production, we’ve been filming with our kit of Rokinon lenses, including the XEEN 50mm and 24mm, while renting other cinema primes when needed. We have our eye on expanding our kit to include all of the XEEN primes in the near future. We’ve tested them up against other cinema prime lenses, including Zeiss Primes, Zeiss Compact Primes, and Canon’s Cine Primes. These lenses hold up beautifully to the pricier options in both look and durability.

Another amazing incentive with the Samyang/Rokinon XEEN lenses is that the mounts can be interchangeable. So if you buy one of these as an EF mount, but then rent, say, an Arri Alexa and want to switch to a PL mount, you can! Of course, that isn’t something consumers can do. You’d need to take it to a specialist, but it’s definitely a bonus that they are designed to be interchangeable. This is huge news for us, as we look forward to future video production projects using even larger cameras.


We’ll be looking to add the wider 14mm XEEN and this 135mm XEEN to our kit of cinema primes very soon. Having a kit like this sets you up for any type of video production while adding other various lenses for stylistic purposes.

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