Let’s be honest with ourselves. Take a good look at your business’s video marketing content so far. Set bias aside and ask yourself “Would I want to watch this?”  Don’t let your line of work be an excuse, either. Even if the work you’re doing isn’t glamorous, your videos don’t have to be boring. You just need the right story to tell.

Think about that for a second – the story. I’m not just talking about your business story, although there can be a time and place for that, and I’m not talking about just putting you in front of a camera to tell a story. Truthfully, the fewer words the better. I’m talking about stories that really make people feel something.

Here’s a great example for a mortgage company. Yes, someone made a video for a mortgage company that you will want to watch!

What makes this video marketing work?

  • It’s relatable
  • It’s visual (it doesn’t rely on dialog)
  • It’s emotionally appealing
  • It’s short

This is the polar opposite of sitting your co-worker, Bob, down in a chair and putting a camera on him as he says, “Hi, I’m Bob with FND mortgages. We’ve been providing more mortgages than ever before to help people make their dream homes a reality.”

Sure, the message may be more or less the same– but which video are you more likely to skip on YouTube?

If you can’t make your video interesting, make it useful.

Can you teach your audience something related to your product or service that will make their lives better, or their jobs easier? If so, you’ll get their attention. Get to know your audience well enough to know what it is they need help with and teach them.

How-to videos are usually more suited to video blogs and YouTube channels than advertising – think LOWES DYI YouTube series – but you’re still getting valuable screen time with potential clients.

Having trouble coming up with strong video marketing content?

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