A client recently asked us about producing videos for their blog and breaking into video marketing. They brought us on as a video production company to create their professional videos and commercial production, but they also wanted the ability to cover more topical concerns and issues on the fly. They needed help getting set up to do it in the best way possible. Here’s the advice we shared with them:

Invest in some basic equipment.

Professional video requires professional equipment, and although you’re probably not going to invest in a cinema camera anytime soon, there are much better options than your smartphone.

Invest in a good DSLR camera, a decent lens, and a microphone that will record audio straight to the camera – something like this kit from Cannon would work great.

You’ll also need to download and learn some basic video editing software – like iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker.

Find a location in your home or office with good natural light.

Try to find a wall next to a big window, but position yourself so the light is coming from your left or right side, not behind you or straight on. Direct light will be too flat, and backlighting will cause exposure issues.

If you don’t have a space with good natural light, you might want to get some lighting. Good lighting isn’t cheap, and cheap lighting isn’t good, but if you’re not planning on moving it around very often you’ll be ok with something like this, or this.

Also, position yourself away from the wall if possible, a good six to ten feet or so.

Have a customized, professional template created

Animated intros and outros will make your video blog posts look much more professional. So if you can, invest in having your logo and a closing call to action animated so you can add it to the beginning and end of each video.

Keep it concise

It’s no secret that attention spans are fading fast. Keep your update short and to the point. You have about 10 seconds to get their attention, and then only about 20 more seconds before you start losing it again. If your video is longer than 30 seconds, it better be really interesting!

Nail your video script

We don’t always write the way we speak, so read your script out loud a few times while making edits that keep the language simple and conversational. Then when it comes time to film, don’t get caught reading your lines.

There are some good teleprompter apps available, but if you’re not super careful about placement, your viewers will be able to see your eye movements as you read.

Be consistent

Consistency is key to gaining followers. Whether that means posting just once a week, or more – keep the timing consistent so you can build loyal viewers. It’s a good idea to record some backup video blog posts on evergreen topics that you can share if you get too busy.

Spread the word

And finally, don’t wait for people to find your content – get it out there! Share your content across social media and encourage everyone you know to share it as well.  Send out a press release, and email your clients and/or followers to let them know you’ve started a video blog. Be sure to tell them when to check back for the next post!

Doing it on your own has become very doable in this day and age, but professionals do what they do because they’re good at it. We of course always urge you to use professional video production companies like ourselves, but for simple blog posts and topical videos, doing it on your own doesn’t mean you’re restricted to filming with your phone.

Looking for help creating shareable video content?

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