With the commercial production side of our business keeping us busy, we tend to forget about all the films being released and end up playing catch-up all at once when time allows. We spend a lot of time checking out various video marketing tactics and what’s new in commercial production from sites like AdWeek and Contently, but the narrative video production side of Leeway Films is also a strong part of who we are.

“Watch as many films as possible, and watch as many different types of films as possible.”


When we first started our filmmaking and video production careers, our mentors, professors and colleagues had a plethora of advice to give. But the one bit of advice we heard over and over again was, “Watch as many films as possible, and watch as many different types of films as possible.” It’s been over a decade since first hearing that – and now it’s easier than ever to make it happen.

Of course, the first options that come to mind are Netflix and Hulu, which we are not disvaluing at all. These are fantastic places for film exposure and well worth it for the price. But, to add more diversity in genre, style and length, here are a few other options you should definitely check out.

Short Of The Week

This is exactly what it sounds like. Short of the Week features an enormous amount of short films – from dark comedies to documentaries and updates, well, pretty much every week. We’ve found incredible shorts here and networked with several people who have had a short featured. If you’re looking to submit a short you created, the Short of the Week staff will give you professional feedback on the first film you submit.


Vimeo has been an awesome resource for us – both in hosting our own content and discovering new videos. In contrast, the sheer volume of videos on YouTube makes it incredibly difficult to find decent work. Vimeo tends to have a more polished library of professional content and it’s easy to navigate. Their staff picks are coveted by filmmakers who submit, and featured filmmakers often use the acknowledgment as an accolade.


Watching movies at home through streaming services isn’t and shouldn’t be the only way. In our opinion, films really should be viewed in theaters – at least the first time around. Sadly, the average person only goes to a movie theater a few times a year. Although there are several reasons for that, price is a huge one. With ticket prices for city theaters going up to $12 – $15, you’d have to catch matinees or live in a more rural area with smaller, privately owned theaters to find ticket prices less than $10.

With MoviePass, you can watch a movie once every 24 hours. Pricing depends on where you’re located, in Seattle it’s $35/month. So if you’re typically paying $12 for your tickets and want to see as many movies as possible in theaters, you’ll be watching for free after seeing 3 movies with MoviePass! For the moviegoer wanting to see a lot of films in an epic setting, MoviePass is a fantastic alternative to adjusting your schedule so ticket prices match your movie-going budget.  [Update: MoviePass is now $10 a month no matter where you live, so it’s really a no-brainer these days.]

Film Critiques

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel really set the standard for what a film critique should be like. Ever since then, everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion on which movies are worth seeing, so it’s been difficult to find critics that not only write well, but are actually helpful.  Even after his unfortunate passing, RogerEbert.com is still one of the best places to find quality professional reviews. So check out what other people are saying and watch!

If there are other resources you find valuable, let us know! We’re keeping an eye out for new ways to discover more video content and watch more films.

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