With all of the skip buttons, ad-blockers and short attention spans we’re faced with online, advertisers are looking for new ways to get their message across. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a trend of commercial video production becoming more and more story focused. Brands are telling personal stories instead of just advertising products, and now they’re taking it a step further.

  • Kleenex showed us a spot about a man who adopted a disabled dog
  • Here’s a spot from Budweiser about friendships
  • Here’s another from Intel about an 8th grader that invented a braille printer

Lately, commercial spots have been taking a sharper turn in that direction by creating short films to advertise.  For example, Johnnie Walker Blue Label created two short films featuring Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini called The Gentleman’s Wager and The Gentleman’s Wager II.

Video Storytelling Ties Emotions to Products

All of this is representative of the changes that are happening in the commercial video production realm. Since we’re moving far away from the traditional idea of a commercial spot, there’s less and less focus on products and their features. Instead, companies want to show consumers emotions and tie their product to those emotions. That way, when you see the Kleenex box in the supermarket isle, for example, it’ll bring up the warm and fuzzy feelings associated with seeing a disabled puppy find a happy forever home.

Short film Video Production is the Future of Commercials

NoFilmSchool recently posted an article pointing out just how far brands are venturing into the world of narrative filmmaking. Agencies are working with Oscar-winning screenwriters and plenty of famous faces on film features to help brands get (and keep) the attention of audiences like never before while working in strong product placements for their end goal – to sell or create some serious brand recognition.

As both consumers and filmmakers, we’re super excited about this trend. No one really enjoys the hard-selling approach of traditional commercial spots. Viewers want to be entertained, inspired, and to be given a reason to care. As consumers, we are savvy and like to know the personality behind the brands we choose to support. We definitely like being entertained, and we appreciate creativity. Short films accomplish all this and more, and although it’s nice, you don’t even need famous actors to do it.

Connect with your audience

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