Being in the business of video production means that we absolutely must stay on top of (actually ahead of!) industry trends. But that really applies to any industry if you’re aiming to be the best at what you do.

Many of the updates around the web lately have been focused on the sheer amount of effort companies are putting into video production now that even the late adopters are realizing how important it is to incorporate video into their marketing plans. Some companies, like Zillow, have started turning as many of their blog posts as possible into videos.

Here are a few of the latest video production topics that caught our eye:

A New App That’s Keeping Video Production Organized

A new app called is making it easier for businesses to collaborate on video production projects. Think shared documents, but on a whole new level, combined into a sort of Basecamp for video. The app recently won Apple’s Design Award.

We’re planning on checking it out thoroughly on our next project and will keep you posted!

Google Introduces Video Ad Innovations

Today Google announced an update that makes video ad targeting much more precise. The gist of it is that they’ll use in-app engagement and user behaviors to serve more precisely targeted and relevant video ad content to viewers and they’re adding a call-to-action to YouTube video ads, to invite viewers to do something more than just watch.

They also recently conducted a survey and reported that 47% of US adults between 18-54 years old use YouTube at least one time a month to make a decision about a purchase.

In case you don’t want to do the math, that’s 70 million people. If you weren’t convinced about the importance of video before this, you should be now!

USA Today Responds to a “Tectonic” Shift to Video

Poytner reported that USA Today is “doubling down” on video production, and not just for typical news reporting. They’re taking culture changes into consideration and working on a video strategy that may even include Netflix.

The Drones Are Still Coming

If you’re not sick of drone footage yet, GoPro has something in store for you. A teaser video released today shows a sneak peak of their latest undertaking – a quadcopter called Karma that’ll be unveiled this upcoming Monday.

These Guys Invented a Tightrope-style Camera Rig

We can’t imagine putting one of our cinema cameras on a tightrope and stringing it up 40 feet in the air – but we can think of plenty of commercial video production uses for Syrp’s Slingshot Motion Control Wire Rig, armed with something like a BlackMagic Micro Camera of course, for quality footage.

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