Creating a Proof of Concept for Commercial Video

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Oftentimes when we initially meet with clients about video projects, portraying our vision for what their video could look like is a little challenging. That’s especially true if they’re new to video production. Creating proof of concept videos has worked wonders for helping narrative films get funded and off the ground, and they work just as well for commercial video production […]

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Hairball Audio FET/RACK

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Hairball Audio in Seattle, WA released their updated FET/RACK compressor — a cleaner and more user friendly design. Leeway Films took this opportunity to experiment with macro lenses to film the build and components inside the FET/RACK. The end result is a beautiful and edgy product video spot showcasing the new build and the talents of Mike and Mako.

Video Marketing – Leeway’s New Fun Lead Gen Designs

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We were looking for an alternative to typical business cards and while having fun designing random concepts on our own, we created a nifty postcard series for Leeway Films. The goal is to connect with potential clients and their inspirations for themselves and their businesses while portraying the type of work we enjoy collaborating on. We want these to be personal, cool and something people will want to hang on to. We’re looking to recreate these in video form to use as a new masthead on our site.

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Purap Oasis Cushion

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PRS Medical in Palo Alto, CA was looking for a video to help sell their Oasis cushion on Amazon Launchpad and other e-commerce sites. They originally created the cushion for surgery patients and individuals with back and bottom problems, but people quickly were asking for the cushion to use at work, on road trips and just to have in general. Knowing it was a seat cushion, PRS Medical reached out to Leeway Films to create a commercial spot that drew in a younger audience and provided the info of a seat cushion so it wasn’t just another pain-in-the-ass video…

Efelle Creative – Commercial Video

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Leeway Films teamed up with efelle Creative, a web design agency in Seattle, WA to create a brand video commercial spot as they prepare to expand their business and move offices along the Puget Sound front. Original music composed by David Stukenberg.

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Northwest Cadence

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Northwest Cadence in the greater Seattle area looked to add some chops to their marketing efforts. They sought out to create branded videos for their upcoming event presentations and asked Leeway Films to complete it. The brand video spots helped increase their invite lists to events in San Diego, Bellevue, and Portland as well as adding a general brand video to their site for future events.

ThriveSeattle – No. 6 Cider Event

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Thrive Seattle held an event at the No. 6 Cider Company tasting room with chief real estate marketing economist Matthew Gardner. The event helped Thrive Seattle and Windermere clients better understand the real estate market today and the benefits of real estate management. No. 6 Cider was a client of Thrive Seattle and Windermere who helped them acquire the location of their bar and tasting room in the Interbay neighborhood.

A Craftsman Builds A Home With Toolbox of Vision And Creativity

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A single craftsman envisioned an ideal home – one that suited his detail-focused tastes without contradicting the aesthetic of Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. He designed and built it with his own hands, customized every corner, trim, cabinet and banister specifically for this house. We wanted to show the display of craftsmanship and creativity in this video for ThriveSeattle and Windermere Real Estate.


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